Details of One month Advanced strategic leadership course.




Rathna Prabha Sudhindra

Message :

Bhavan is a great place for learning. Teaching staff are very dedicated, highly qualified, experienced and the inputs are very scientific and understandable. The support and encouragement students get from the administration, supporting staff and colleagues are commendable.

I had huge apprehension about my capabilities before joining HB College PGEMP course as i was attempting higher education after a gap of nearly 28 years from graduation and without any work experience.

Thanks to Team Bhavan for encouraging and building more confidence and comfort into me and my journey of higher learning.


Message :

I am really enjoying this program and after attending few months of classes I am pretty sure that I am in right place to acquire the knowledge which I was looking for many years. The support from the management team is awesome, The program is structured to suite the hectic schedules of working professionals which really helps to manage their work and studies together.

Entire faculty is well experienced and the enormous knowledge getting from here really helping me to understand the entire business functioning and my role as a manager. Here I am not only leaning an executive management program, I am shaping up my career ambitions as well.

Radhakrishna Togare (USA)

Profile :

Student of 3rd Batch (PGEMP), BE-Electronics & Communication with experience working in India & Abroad.

Message :

The tremendous success of this program that is now accepting 9th batch of students is a clear testimony of your continued hard work and dedication in helping students to achieve their goals.

Prof.Viswanath (Prog Director) & Mr.Ramesh (Prog Manager) are two living legends, true inspiration and a blessing for students of this excellent Executive-MBA program.

Thank you for your dedication and I wish you the very best for ever

Badreesg E R

Profile :

One Year Experience: Exciting emotional and quite learning oriented. Thanks”

Bindu Madhav Kulkarni

“I know where I stand”

J Sanghamitra Guha

“Wonderful association, rich knowledge, immense fun, lot of arguments!”


“I personally found the PGEMP program to be intellectually stimulating. It provided 20+ like minded working executives like me a platform to share our experiences and knowledge with the highly experienced faculty at BVB. It was 52 weekends very well spent!”



‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS’ are usually the last sentences of a review or comment. It has first preference here, because the INSIGHT, co-ordination & hospitality extended by MR.RAMESH (Programme Manager), MR.VISWANATH (Programme Director), the staff & other supporting staff have been “beyond EXPECTATIONS”.

First of all, this programme has re-kindled my “DESIRE TO LEARN”. It has laid a perfect foundation for my career to ‘take off’ & of course for a CONTINUAL learning.

As the group is a mixture of vastly experienced people from different backgrounds, we get to learn a lot from peers, juniors & superiors.

I hope everyone taking this programme would undergo a similar EXHILIRATING EXPERIENCE I had in BHAVAN.

Wishing everyone the ‘best of luck’!

Narendra Arya


This programme is right path to executives who have reached good position and this will update them to cope up with dealing in various specialized topics.

Sanghamitra Guha


My relationship with Bhavan’s stated way back in the year 2000 when I did my Public Relations from Bhavan’s Kolkata. Then again in the year 2006, June, I found myself in Bhavan’s Bangalore lighting the lamp for Executive Management session. Those year I was slogging for Infosys, trying to do something new, something different to make my mark. Very soon I realized that my weekends, Saturdays & Sundays are filled with brainstorms, debates, talks, laughs and rich knowledge. June 2006 to 2007 was perhaps the richest year of my life so far in the context of management study. Over stressed with assignments, works and project works sometimes I used to curse myself. But to my greatest surprise, my ability to solve problems, to manage risks and to measure performance reach a new limit, a new height. My heart felt gratitude and respect to all the professors of this esteem Institution. Today exactly after 3 years i,e 2009 June I find myself seated in Viswanath sir’s cabin laughing and cherishing the old days. Today I am lot more confident, more aggressive and more assertive as a person and a professional.

My heartfelt congratulations! To Bhavan’s to all its students & learned professors!

This is perhaps one of the best & transparent Institutions I have come across.



This course broadened my professional horizon & thinking. This really helped me in my present profession. I am really indebted to “Bhavan” for the finest environment that enhanced and encouraged me to go back to reading & studying academics. The time spent here were the most fruitful.

I wish “Bhavan” the best.



My days with Bhavan’s started in year 2006 June, when I applied and got selected for the PGEMP course. I can relate my real life experience with the support and encouragement I received from all the professors in giving guidance and continuous knowledge. The practical guidance in varied subjects like Finance, Accounts & Managerial Economics could be applied in my workforce with more classroom experience in learning technical solutions we worked for. Perhaps “Bhavan” its name itself speaks about the quality of education. We can realize and analyze their capability after learning this course, like, where they stood in the ‘past’ and where they are standing in the ‘present’ and can appropriately “project” about their standing in the future scenario.

I thank, to what I am able to see in my work. Credit goes to all my professors and this Prestigious Institute ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’, a place for continuous learning.

My Heart felt love, respect to Bhavan’s Professors.



‘Kudos’ to Bhavan’s and the staff in motivating the out of college, but professionals to come back to class-room environment to hone their required managerial skills, which would help them to take a positive and bold step in their careers, both professionally and personally.

The Programme Director, Prof.Viswanath, and Mr.Ramesh, Programme Manager, have extended their full support to the course of the learning community and deserve full appreciation. The staff was co-operative. The course demands pro-active initiative from the students, which will make 500 Hrs of learning at Bhavan’s a rewarding experience. The Out Bound Learning too was experiential learning.

All the best to the Bhavan, and future students.

S Visalakshi


I was desirous for a long time to pursue my MBA. I am very happy today that the opportunity came to me through the PGEMP programme of B.V.B. With a lot of hesitation, I started the course wondering whether I would keep my spirits high enough to last one full year.

My sincere appreciation and thanks to both Prof.Viswanath (Director) & Mr.Ramesh (Manager) for re-kindling my desire to learn and guiding me throughout the programme. The course has helped me know my managerial skills and moved me many notches higher professionally. The constant interactions with senior and experienced faculty and other batch mates has been a rewarding experience. My best wishes to all future students

V Murugani

PGEMP gave me confidence and shaped me in my life & Career. It is a beginning of journey in life.

Antara R


BVB is another root in my life. Where I can return time again to re-nourish my self.

Srishti Srivastava


Before I joined Bhavan’s, I didn’t know where my education was heading towards. But once, I joined the place, it has given me the vision. I have learnt a lot during my one year in Bhavan’s.

The faculties have been great. Management has been very helpful.

Thanks to Bhavan’s for showing me the right path.

Girish T G


Hats of to Bhavan’s PGEMP Programme. I joined the 3rd Batch and was accompanied by batch mates both old and young. Those 50 weeks were like a dream run and outcomes were very good.

Sumith Eapen


I enjoyed my stay and academic journey with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Learned a lot and implemented few of the appropriate business practices from theory knowledge to daily professional worth. The sessions conducted were dynamic and interesting to participate and understand the importance of the each session.

Each professor treats each student with great care and guidance.

Special thanks to Mr.Ramesh and Prof.Viswanath in providing us an opportunity to collaborate and learn new business ethics.

Sampath Kumar R


Today I feel that the course could have extended for one more year. Unfortunately it was 1 year. I really thank all to complete my one year PGEMP programme. The facilities provided at Bhavan’s was excellent, and all faculties provided were enthusiastic.

Garwale outbound learning programmes was a special one at Bhavan. I would like to join further short term courses in the near future. My special Thanks to Prof.G N Viswanath & Mr.Ramesh for the excellent guidance.
BEST WISHES to Bhavan for all Programmes.



I have got the overall view of the corporate world after completing this course. I hope this experience will really pay me, as I am growing from middle management to top.

Bhavan has proved their capability & respect in the society, by having managed, co-ordinated wonderfully & fulfilled the wishes of the participants.

Thanks & I am grateful to Bhavan, its executives, staff & specially Prof.Viswanath & Mr.Ramesh.

Ananya Shivanand


I started out the Bhavan’s PGEMP programme with a little hesitation, as I thought I would be the only person in the batch with no sort of industrial work experience as such. But once I joined in, I figured out that once you gain experience and knowledge imparted by the finest professors, it can be useful in my career growth.

Thanks a lot to the professors and Prof.Viswanath & Mr.Ramesh for coordinating and managing us for one year!

Thank you very much.



A vote of special thanks to Prof.Viswanath & Mr.Ramesh and all professors to provide an insight about our career aspects. Being from pure technical background this is a gateway to move high up in ladder. Especially with peers, professionals from other fields a common platform to exchange, interact grow individually in today’s profession. Looking forward for building relationship with Bhavan & their alumni. Regular classes is blessing than other correspondence MBA to understand deeply real time scenario.

Thank you Bhavan